Daniel Purcell

There is a new recording out of Daniel Purcell’s The Judgment of Paris.

This is the first recording of this work which was first performed at Dorset Gardens in London in the spring of 1701. Having been ignored for over 300 years, it is wonderful to be able to hear this treasure from Britain’s cultural past.

It is available from:



2 thoughts on “Daniel Purcell

  1. Hello,

    Many thanks for mentioning our recording of the Daniel Purcell Judgment of Paris. We’re currently working on a few project to bring more of his music to modern audiences.

    Perhaps your readers may be interested to know that CD copies of the opera are now available directly from the group’s website: http://www.spiritato.co.uk/recordings/

    Best wishes


    • Glad to hear that the recording is now available on CD.

      Thank you for posting the information.

      Really good to know that you have other projects regarding his works.

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