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  1. May I suggest Charles Henry Wilton, who wrote string trios recorded by Jean Pougnet, Frederick Riddle and Anthony Pini? No.1 in A Major is the most attractive and was broadcast from a gramophone record on the Third Programme at 7.55pm on May 27, 1966. I don’t think it has had an airing since.

    Keep up the good work

    Chris Aspin

  2. May I suggest the following?:

    James Hook
    John Marsh
    The Earl of Kelly (Thomas Erskine). Yes I know, he was a Scot, but…
    The Roseingraves of Dublin (but of English origin), in particular Thomas, who was born in Winchester
    John Collett
    Thomas Chilcot of Bath
    William Smethergell
    Why not Handel, who spent most of his working life in London?
    And if Handel, then why not Carl Abel, who came to London in his 30s and never left?

  3. PS:
    John Blow & Jeremiah Clarke, born in the 17th and just made it into the 18th century, like Daniel Purcell.
    Johann Pepusch, another born in Germany who spent most of his working life in London,
    and of course Stephen Storace

  4. Dear Dr Slade,
    do you know anything about the composer Henry August Retzel, who composed ‘Six Sonatas for the Harpsichord’ )Ms.) about 1787? The Sonatas are dedicated Queen Charlotte.
    Kind regards,
    Hans Joachim Marx, Hamburg, Germany.

    • I agree, a real gift for melody. There is an excellent recording of three of his operas on the Hyperion label. Are you planning a performance?

  5. William Herschel. Before becoming a famous astronomer with his discovery of Uranus, he had a successful composer and interpreter career. Extensive documentation available on the web. Recordings of some of his symphonies and concertos are available, some on YouTube.

  6. I have too many composers to write in this box. Do you have a postal address? I am an amateur organist in local churches. For the last 16 years I have predominantly played 18th. C British music. In Metfield Church Suffolk, hangs a framed list of all the composers I have played there. My favourites (apart from Stanley and Handel of course) are John James, Reading, Walond, S.Goodwin, Chilcot, Boyce, Hook, Garth, Heron

    • Many thanks for pointing out some of my omissions. I know there are many more out there that need to go on the site. Thanks again.

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