Richard Jones (d.1744)

I have added Richard Jones to the composer pages. Unfortunately the page is brief as so little is known about him!
Please let me know if you know of anything else.
There have recently been two wonderful CD releases of his Harpsichord Lessons and Chamber Airs for Violin and harpsichord.

2 thoughts on “Richard Jones (d.1744)

  1. Over Christmas I started to listen to classic FM mainly for Christmas carols. I bough the CD ‘Midwinter’s Eve’ which is compiled by The London Chamber Orchestra. Then either on Amazon or the Classic FM playlist I came across music by William Boyce and decided there and then to start collecting music by English composers. I don’t know much about classic music yet but I remember years ago (before the internet) wanting to start collecting music. I went into a specialist shop, got overwhelmed by the choice and got put off; and so to be able to listen to sample playlists over the internet and come across sites like this is great.

    • Many thanks for your comments. I knew very little about classical music when I started my music collection. Music is one of those things that can be enjoyed on different levels. You can go into great detail or simply listen to the music, it works either way! Glad you liked the site. I hope to add some more composers and some music clips soon.

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